The "VIN Prefix" is the first five characters of the VIN (serial number, warranty number) such as 1Y71Z,

followed by a six-digit consecutive number to complete as 1Y71Z123456.

Some 1956 and 1957 Thunderbirds were built in Mexico, and have a VIN prefix of six characters which include "MEX".

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N.B. :

1. Only one known example of "0Y72J" was built - 1960 Convertible, not an error .

2. 1962 year: Some early Landau and Sports Roadster models are properly coded as 2Y83x and 2Y85x.

This practice ended on or about February 1, 1962, in the 125000 consecutive unit number range.

3. 1963 and 1965 years: Special Landau is not a separate body style; it was a "trim option". 

4. 1967 year: The Apollo is not a separate body style; it was "trim option" installed on five Hardtops (series 81). 

5. 1968 year: No known examples of 390 V-8 cars are known to have been produced. 

6. 1976 year: The Commemorative Edition was a "trim option" installed on 32 cars.  

7. All years: Mistakes did happen at the factory! It is possible that your car's data plate has an error. Contact the Registry.

9. All years: Do not assume that your car's title or registration document has the correct VIN. Look on the car.